Admissions Information

School Statement:

At Heygreen, we are dedicated to ensuring that children are made to feel welcome and have the best start to their educational journey at Heygreen. This is regardless of what time of year or which year group the pupil is entering.


To outline the correct procedures and protocol for children entering:

  • Pre-Nursery

  • Nursery

  • Reception

  • Other Year Groups

Admission into the Pre-Nursery and Nursery:

Children are admitted to Heygreen Nursery according to the policy of Liverpool Education and Lifelong Learning Service. All families have the opportunity to visit the Pre-Nursery or Nursery before requesting a place. Children will be offered spaces according to availability, other siblings in school and the distance they live from school.

Children are eligible to join Pre-Nursery the term after their 2nd birthday. This, however, is dependent upon the availability of space for five 3-hour sessions.

Children are eligible to join Nursery the term after their 3rd birthday. This, however, is dependent upon the availability of space for five 3-hour sessions.

Transition into our Nursery is different for each child, some children settle quickly and are ready to attend for their full entitlement straight away, others may need to build up the time they spend at Nursery and may require a parent/carer to stay with them for the first few sessions.

To apply for a nursery place, parents/carers can call into the office for an admissions form or log onto the school website at and download a form to print off. Once a form has completed, this must be handed into the school office with the child’s birth certificate. The school will inform parents/carers of a proposed start date.

Admission into the Reception:

Admission into the Nursery does not guarantee children a place in the Reception class.

Parents/carers should complete an admissions form from the Local Authority in January, ready for the child to begin the Reception class in September.

If a child has not attended our Nursery prior to starting Reception it is recommended for them to just attend the morning or afternoon session for the first two weeks to ensure that they settle in.


 Admissions for In-Year Transfers:

Admission for in-year transfers is dependent on space within the cohort requested. Both KS1 & KS2 maximum allowance is 30 spaces per class. This is due to the amount of space available and number of staff employed. In the event of there being no space available within a specific cohort, the pupil will be added to the waiting list in order of request. Only pupils with other siblings in the school or LAC children will be fast-tracked to receiving a place.



We know that each child is different and so our admissions arrangements are flexible to suit the needs of individual children and their families.



To apply for a Reception class place at Heygreen Primary School, please contact Liverpool City Council via the link below.


Liverpool City Council

Information for Parents and Carers from Liverpool City Council is outlined below:

Information for Parents and Carers

Primary school co-ordinated admissions arrangements september 2018-19