Heygreen Curriculum

At Heygreen Primary School we have devised a curriculum, which prepares our children for life beyond Heygreen in all areas of development i.e. personal, social, emotional, health, well being and academic.

The teaching of core subjects such as Mathematics & English are carried out each day, with additional sessions timetabled to develop key skills within these subjects i.e. Phonics, Guided Reading, Class Read and Mental Maths sessions.

The school follows the National Curriculum Standards for each Year Group and uses this as its Scheme of Work.

Out of the 5 lessons taught throughout the week, 2 of these lessons focus on problem solving so that children are given regular opportunities to use and apply their skills in a real life context.

The following steps to success have been agreed to support children when problem solving in Maths.


The school follows a set scheme of work for the teaching of genre features. From Year 1 upwards, the same genre is taught at the same time of year and for the same period of time. The progression in skills however is differentiated according to the year group.

Out of the 5 lessons taught throughout the week, 1 of these lessons is focused on developing comprehension skills, 3 lessons are focused on genre work and 1 lesson is focused on SPAG. The children also carry out a big write at the end of each genre unit.

The following steps to success have been agreed across the school to support children when answering comprehension questions and when reading and understanding unfamiliar words.


The school follows the Jolly Phonics scheme of work and teaches children according to the phase that they are working within. This means children may change teachers/classrooms whilst phonics is being taught. Phonics is taught daily.

Please click on the video below to learn how to pronounce each phoneme.

The following website has valuable information and resources about each phase taught within the phonics scheme of work. Click here for Letters and Sounds.

The school follows the Nelson handwriting scheme of work, which can be viewed in the picture below:


History, Geography & Science:
The school follows the Focus scheme of work for History, Geography & Science. The link below will show you which topics will be covered each year.

History, Geography & Science Schemes of Work

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 22

RE is taught once a week and follows the Liverpool agreed syllables for Religious Education. This explores and educates children about the 6 main religions across the UK; Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jewish, Sikhism & Islam.

Throughout the year, whole assemblies also focus on religious festivals and allow opportunities for children to talk about special celebrations within their faith.

PSHCE is taught within every subject and throughout the school. In addition, the school follows the Matrix scheme of work, which ensures all aspects of personal, social, emotional, and health development is covered.

PE, Spanish & Music:
The school invests heavily in its provision for PE, Music & Spanish as it employs specialists within these areas to come and teach the children. The schemes of work followed are bespoke schemes of work, written and delivered by the specialists themselves.