The Maths Curriculum consists of a combination of Mental Maths, Arithmetic and Year Group National Standards teaching and learning.

Maths lessons are carried out everyday, in addition to 15 minutes of basic skills discrete teaching each day.

Below is a table which shows how this is taught each week.

Monday: Arithmetic

Tuesday: Maths Standard

Wednesday: Maths Standard

Thursday: Maths Standard

Friday: Mental Maths


Below is the long term plan that the school follows across both KS1 and KS2.

Calculation Policy

Within Maths, pupils follow a  calculation policy that outlines the methods taught for each operation. Throughout their time at Heygreen pupils progress through different calculation methods that are related to their age-related abilities.

calculationpolicy1 calculationpolicy2 calculationpolicy3 calculationpolicy4 calculationpolicy5 calculationpolicy6 calculationpolicy7

Each class is provided with a set of Maths Non-Negotiables.


To support the children with Problem Solving, each class use the following Steps to Success.


Maths Reasoning

We have a particular focus with the development of Maths reasoning. It has been noted by Ofsted (2014), that many pupils spend too long working on straightforward questions.

Such questions can often be changed into problems that develop pupils’ thinking and reasoning skills. To support the development in this area each class has a Reasoning Floor book.

Each half term, children will work on a task with the aim to develop their reasoning and their jottings, comments and findings are recorded. Here are some examples:


img_0713 img_0711 img_0719 img_0716 img_0715