The Governors


Heygreen Primary School has been part of the Rainbow Education Multi-Academy Trust since 1st December 2015.

The Rainbow Education Multi-Academy Trust is a non-profitable organisation, which means all members of the board do not receive any payments for their services.

Altogether there are four members of the board. Mr Jonathan Nichols is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

In additon to the four board members and the CEO, Mr Dave Cadwallader and Mr Garry White form the Directors of the organisation.

For more information about the structure of the organisation, please click on the following link:


Local Governing Body

Andy Toole (Chair)

Jacqueline Taylor (Vice Chair and Safeguarding Governor)

Dave Cadwallader (Pupil Premium Governor)
Tony MacQuarrie (SEND Governor)
Denise Bimpson (Staff Governor)
Veronica Martinez Starnes (Parent Governor)
Elizabeth Cowley (Parent Governor)